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 KOSS retail network in Bulgaria expanding

 Where to find KOSS Stereophones in Bulgaria

 KOSS stereophones in the The Mall

 Harmony Media authorised distributor of KOSS stereophones for Bulgaria

 Harmony Studio offers high quality audio and video production


call us at +359 888 250 376


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Harmony Studio features modern and versatile equipment and a team of experienced and creative sound engineers, video editors and artists who have worked in the Bulgarian National Radio, Radio Express, the National Palace of Culture and with popular Bulgarian and foreign acts, such as The Crickets, Ani Lozanova, Gravity Co., B.T.R., Vassil Petrov, Vania Kostova, Doni, Rebecca St. James, etc.

Harmony Studio’s services include:

  • sound production: recording (studio and location recording), editing, mixing and mastering,
  • video production: shooting (in co-operation with a trusted partner), editing, overdubbing and mastering (including final compression into DVD and broadcast formats),
  • music production: writing, arranging (including orchestration) and recording (we are active musicians and co-operate with a network of music conductors, as well as pop, rock and classical musicians).

Harmony Studio has aesthetically decorated sound treated recording premises including a studio and a control room housing the following equipment:

  • Pro Tools HD sound recording system with a Digidesign 192 Digital interface, based on an Apple Pro Core Quadro computer,
  • Millennia STT-1 Origin all-in-one recording front end - twin topology (valve and solid state) channel strip,
  • Final Cut Studio 2 professional video production suite,
  • Tascam DM 4800 digital mixing desk and Pro Tools control surface,
  • Universal Audio UAD 2 sound card and precision mixing and mastering plug-ins,
  • Genelec active studio monitor system of 2 x 8030A full range speakers and 1 х 7050В subwoofer,
  • JBL LRS 4326 active digital studio monitors,
  • Microphones:
    • Blue Cactus tube large diaphragm condenser microphone with selectable patterns from omni to figure 8,
    • RØDE NTK tube large diaphragm condenser microphone with a cardioid pattern capsule,
    • Beyerdynamic drum micing set: 1 x Opus 99 (dynamic mic for bass drum and other low frequency instruments), 3 х Opus 53 (condenser cardioid mics with a flat frequency response, ideal for overheads, hi hat and multiple applications), 4 x Opus 88 (condenser clip-on cardioid condenser mic for snare drum and toms),
    • RØDE NT5 stereo matched pair with a flat frequency response, appropriate for multiple applications,
    • Shure SM57 vocal and instrument cardioid dynamic mic and Shure Beta 56 instrument mic, ideal for brass and wind instruments, guitar combos, etc.
  • Musical instruments:
    • KORG Triton Studio weighted keyboard,
    • Pearl Fusion drum set with Paiste 2000 series cymbals,
    • Bogner Alchemist 1x12" tube guitar combo,
    • Orange Thunder 30 1x12" tube guitar combo,
    • Fender American Deluxe Fat FMT electric guitar,
    • Ibanez SZ720 electric guitar,
    • Ibanez JS1000 electric guitar,
    • Gibson Longhorn limited edition electric guitar,
    • Yamaha CPX7 electro-acoustic guitar,
    • Ernie Ball MusicMan Singray 5-string HH bass guitar,
    • Jackson Eliminator bass guitar,
    • various high-quality stomp boxes by BOSS, MXR, Ibanez, Snarling Dogs, Tech 21, Morley and Digitech.
E-mail at office@harmonymedia.net or call +359 888 250 376 to find out about flexible pricing policy.

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